Apr 07

Goal Setting


I know that I go on and on about checking your goal list and getting rid of the ones that no longer serve you or fit into your life anymore.   This powerFULL Moon confirms that we really need to focus our attention on what we want and need. 


It is important to notice how you feel about the light you are shining into the world, and make the necessary changes to enhance your Co-creative process (keep practicing until you are  a master at it.)


The Key to creating the life that you want is truly your Attitude and not just having a good Attitude but the BEST Attitude Ever and allowing your Source/Higher Self/ God/Goddess help you take everything you take everything you do up a notch.


Recently having attended a workshop/seminar I walked away with a really incredible word that is now stuck to my being – two different speakers – with two different messages and areas of expertise but one word …. ADD!  Bet at first you went down the negative path when you first looked at that word – but this word also has an incredible positive side to it…..


  • How can I ADD value to my life today … my children’s life … my husband’s life and in my service to the greater goodness (Elisabeth Fayt)


  • How can I ADD to my life by attaching a new habit to an old habit – through my actions / my food / my way of being and most of all to enhance my life …. By taking what I am currently doing and take it up a notch .  (David Wolfe)


What I like about these two statements is that I am not asking myself to completely change who I am or what I am currently doing – but instead simply take everything to a higher level by adding quality to my life, and where ever possible add to a current habit so that the new does not seem foreign as we are developing New and Greater Habits!


Today periodically think about the following statements – look at your current goals to see if they are adding to your life?  And if you are not achieving these goals on your list – how can you attach them to a current habit to take it up a notch.


    1.      Am I Living my Best Life Ever?


How do I feel about my current living conditions, what do I like and dislike … what current habits can I upgrade to achieve goals related to this?

    2.     Am I at One with Life … do I Live Well … am I prosperous in body/mind/spirit?    Do I FEEL Successful in these areas of life?

What current habits do I currently have that I can upgrade to enhance the experience of prosperity … Work / Emotional Well-Being / Meditation and connection to Soul/Spirit?

    3.     Am I Healthy & Fit – Do I Love the Shape I am in?

What nutritional and exercise habits do I currently have that I can add to – ensuring that I meet my goals?

    4.     Do I Laugh and Experience JOY Everyday? Am I able to Achieve Peace and Harmony Daily?


    5.     Am I of Service and Connected to the Greater Good

How can I ADD value to this work or take it up a notch?


    6.     Am I Deeply Loved and do I Deeply Love another (in any form)

How can I unconditionally ADD value to my family’s life / my husband’s life / my life? 


    7.     Do I Support … not an enabler but an unconditional supporter of those around me and do I Feel Supported by Friends

What goals do I need to incorporate into my life where I can actively support family and friends?


       8. Am I able to focus on Positive Talk only – both inner and outer – and for myself and others? 

Even when I slip up I am able to recognize and get back on track and lift my Shadow into the light?