Using Astrology as a Tool

Did you know that working with your Astrologer on a regular basis can help you gain a deeper understanding of your life & the patterns that you are tied into on a daily basis.  

Remember the only person you have control over is … YOU … Be Skilled

An Astrologer takes a snap shot of the sky at the moment of your birth … utilizes some math behind the madness and creates a personalized Map that you can use to help you navigate more skillfully through this incarnation.

 Prague's astronomical clock at the Old Town Square

 Sun (Identity and Consciousness Core) … Moon (Personal Patterns, Habits & your Emotional Mind) … Ascendant (holographic projection of the whole your physical body)  . 

Your Astrologer can not only to guide you through the major transitions in life but also to assist you as you awaken to your own energy patterns. 

Is it time to focus your attention more on …what you want to create … instead of being swept up in what is being created around you.

Get into the habit of using your personal Astro Map as you navigate through your day