Remedial Measures

Remedial Measure questions:  I struggle with creating goals that i can actually see through to completion … what can I do about it?

Here is an example of one of the most common Planetary Remedial Requests.

An example of positive remedial measures for Saturn

First you need to establish what the planet brings to your psyche and environment …. 

When at its highest Conscious level Saturn brings …

  • Monastic approach to life
  • Withdraw from conventional society
  • Desire to make spiritual progress (no longer pursuit of material)

When Functional (working with Saturn energy on a daily basis)

  • Discipline
  • Structure / order able to utilize organization skills
  • Clearly defined boundaries

When Unskilled

  • Repression
  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Low energy levels
  • undefined or poorly defined boundaries

Then you are going to look at what your Saturn brings to the picture 

The process of understanding what the most skilled approach for you to manifest your goals is enhanced when you take your skilled and unskilled levels of be-ing (by breaking down your Saturn in its sign – house placement – aspects – dispositor pattern – dignity and utilize what you bring in when you are connected in a skilled fashion.

Define the Goal 

  • creating an emotional / astral relationship to the goal – you must connect to the feeling of why you want to accomplish the goal … what need or desire is it going to fulfill
  • now connect the goal to your intellectual mind – this is about envisioning what will change when you accomplish the goal – how will your life look or change from your current situation.  Who will you Be when you have accomplished your goal 
  • Begin to create boundaries in the manifest world – Utilizing your Saturn energy as found in your Astro Map … what structure and foundation do you need … in order to bring the goal to fruition 

Other methods you can use to enhance the process

• Listening to music that will help your focus

• Grounding yourself daily (and or often throughout the day – energy work)

  • Taking on a daily mantra that will boost your connection by envisioning a goal and taking the steps required to manifest that goal