Numerology sometimes called Gnothology is one of the oldest practices in the world.  Numerology is another map that we can utilize to guide us with our life goals and talents that we have innately in our matrix.  We are able to determine our Souls Purpose, Personality Traits (how we project ourselves to the world) we can also learn about our Life Lesson and our Destiny in this lifetime and we can even begin to understand our core challenge.  We can find in-depth knowledge and technique within the Kabbalah but numbers have certainly been a fascination since the beginning of time. 

Each sound vibrates a signature into our multidimensional universe.  It has been determined that this signature can be broken down and translated into our numbering system.  With further analysis we can determine what tools we have brought with us to accomplish this task, understand our lessons, obstacles and opportunities.

Once we begin to understand and use these tools, obstacles become easier to work through in-turn taking better advantage of your opportunities. Our lives revolve around a 7 to 9 year cycle, each year bringing us new challenges and opportunities all working in line with our core be-ing. Some years are more significant than others and by charting our cycles we can open up new perspectives into our life.   We can then  stand back and look at our lives from a spectators point of view – are we on track or at a standstill, or struggling (can’t see the forest for the trees).

When you are charting your cycles look for re-occurring patterns this will help you to determine your individual cycle length.