Lets Explore Quantum

Everyone is talking Quantum these days … but what does that really mean … The word

‘Quantum’ has marked itself as the next hot buzz word not only in the Scientific world but in the New Age world as well, all kinds of ‘quantum’ books are showing up on the shelves. Come join me as I take a journey into the quantum world and dig around … do some off world exploring…

Ok so I am no scientist or mathematician, and to get the real scoop on this end of the spectrum you will need to go to someone like Brian Greene (who has an incredible ability to teach the lay person). Even though I am not from a cut of the scientist fabric I still get excited when I find research correlating with something that I have intuitively seen or felt, or read about in ancient scriptures. Sometimes the technical knowledge helps me to understand my intuitive knowledge, providing me with a little more structure to work with. I find myself stretching into new levels of being or awareness – things that I could only see on an inner level … now becomes visible to my physical eyes. I can feel the expansion as I apply these collective ‘truths’ to the mechanics of …

Healing … Manifesting and Grounding in my 4-D world.

There have been many references to multidimensional worlds in ancient texts/scriptures, but the official scientific exploration began in the year 1919 when Kaluza- Kein (Physicist) proposed that there may be more than one dimension. Later it was hypothesized that there may be many dimensions. Eventually mathematical equations developed to measure dimensions of all sizes some that are so small (folded up) that our physical eyes cannot see them. Out of this research came the Superstring theory.


Our solar system is one of many in our galaxy and our galaxy is one of many in our universe and our universe is one of many, and so on and so on … ok hold that thought let’s get back to that later ….

Break everything down to its simplest form and you will find a pile of incredibly tiny bits of string energy – dancing and vibrating to a particular pattern. Each string creates a unique sound/vibration/dance which when combined with matter / elements form particles in our earthly world creates an individual structure such as a tree, orange, apple, violin, desk, skin, organs, hair. Today scientists are using at least 10 dimensions of

Space and 1 dimension of Time just for the math to describe this complex scientific equation. This is all still in the developing stages, as they are trying to use quantum theory to solve Einstein’s unrealized goal of unifying relativity.

When you feel the heat of the sun or the blast of cold air remember that at the core level this is all created by small groups of loops of singing – vibrating – string energy. When you taste an orange or your favorite fruit, it is the tiny strings vibrating, merging and mingling with your tiny taste bud strings providing you that taste – pleasure sensation. Electric vibrating Matter and the forces of nature along with particles are built up one upon the other to give us the structure we find in our world.

Let’s gather our thoughts about

Quantum String Theory If we add this to our consciousness what could it bring into our everyday lives?

Are you a perfectly folded up self-contained Universe – in a multiverse?

If you were a self-contained Universe you could combine String theory, Ormus and intent (or focus) to harness this


magnetized energy thus drawing in the things you need to thrive in your environment. The fact is that you create your environment everyday whether or not you are conscious of your creations. Have you ever experienced a thought and it manifested so fast you did not even have time to think about whether you really wanted it? Here is an important note… the more you work with energy (experienced or not) the more you will innately anchor your spiritual body into your physical body, this means the faster you create your environment. Of course this does not necessarily mean that you are fully conscious (awake) or aware of the impact on the ‘whole’ you. To be a true creator you must become awakened, but this only happens when you are absolutely present in the moment – aware of the needs of your ‘whole’ universe. There is a level of accountability for the multitude of thoughts, dreams and fleeting ideas that stream through your mind/emotions in any given moment.

The Goal: Take an awareness of the quantum level of your surroundings as they vibrate to a particular pattern/song, combine them with the corresponding elements (Ormus) sprinkle in a little bit of focused intent and … you begin to create a balanced atmosphere in which to thrive. This sure sounds like a lofty goal, so how can you apply this to your everyday life in a meaningful way?

Before we begin to create/change our environment we need to ask … What does the ‘whole’ need? The Physical body requires a daily regime of exercise and nutrition and a viable way to release toxins; Emotional/mind body requires interaction, stimulation – both intellectual and emotional. Spiritual body requires a connection to the whole (all the other multiverses) with an environment to expand – play and evolve.

As you start out this New Year sit in contemplation and feel yourself turning to a completely blank page (you can do this with a physical journal or an energetic journal)

the first word you want to put at the top of the page is Balance.


AMP IT UP (working) NOT ENOUGH OR TOO MUCH (balance it out)

Let’s say one of your goals is to add more water to your diet – both for nutritional purposes and for cleansing toxins. Here is an example of amping-up your current habits/patterns with a quantum connection…

Your focused intent is to have super-charged water’s liquid light – cleanse, purify and feed your entire body.

Take Super-Alkaline 8.5 or 9.0 vortexed water, full of vibrant minerals and heavy with ormus … drink the water, you feel the cool sensation of the water move into your mouth – down to your throat – into your stomach – through your digestive system – absorbed by the carrier/delivery (blood) cells. Now consciously see the super-charged vibrating water travel deeper and deeper into your body delivering vital nutrients to each and every cell from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. As the super-charged water is delivered – the cells drink in and absorb the water, go deeper into the cell and notice vibrating strings light up as they merge with the quantum energy level of the water. This creates a

powering up of the cell as it fills with liquid light, when the cell is full it responds by releasing toxins to a carrier cell who takes the toxins to the surface to be released.

Take a broad sweep of your life … an overview of the whole. Are you eating well; exercising; using positive self-talk; providing your body and mind a proper environment to regenerate; meditating; dedicating time for service work; engaged in emotionally fulfilling contact; finding new intellectual stimulation; contributing and working in a healthy environment ? If so then amp it up –

do moreadd more quality to your life, take it up a notch.

Do you have too much or not enough, an imbalanced work or home environment? What is the root of your stress? Look at the building blocks or foundations of your life – what can you add to and/or delete from your current habits and patterns to create balance. Keep it simple –start with the smallest positive change today and build on that – surround yourself with tools to keep your mind focused and sharp, make real life changes by connecting to the quantum level of your Universe and make the changes at the root that are good for the whole of you.

Keep singing … till next time …